5 Italian style Decore Ideas:

Creating an Italian-inspired home décor, however, can be a bit complicated. Especially if you are trying to work it in a modern way. But with a few pointers in mind, the project really isn’t all-that-difficult to manage.

Here are five ways to transform your home – Italian style!

1.Choice of colour palettes

Traditional Italian décor generally brings deep earthy tones to mind. However, modern interior trends from the Mediterranean country tend to go otherwise.

If you’re new to these concepts, your best bet is to choose neutrals. Now this does automatically mean that your home interiors should look boring. Instead of just plain old white and cream, try chic neutrals like muted pastels.

2.Old and new

If you choose to style your home the Italian way, you will really enjoy the freedom that comes with combining the old and the new. So even if the architectural design of your home is old fashioned, you do not need to hesitate to decorate it in a contemporary manner.

This flexibility is important in Italy, since most Italians have restored homes. These structures were once ancient buildings or farmhouses. So it became necessary to invest fusion designs that offered a ‘safe’ variety of modern touches. The kinds that still looked cutting-edge, but were accommodative enough to retain the houses’ vintage appeal.

3.Open plan kitchens

Italians love clean spaces. Old homes in the country, however, were often limited on this crucial resource. Therefore, architects and designers came up with crafty methods to create an airy ambience. They integrated rooms to create more open spaces in the house.

This is particularly common in the case of Italian living rooms and kitchens. The idea was to invite more light and ventilation into these zones. Given the vast number of modern accessories, it is possible to manage this effect without much trouble. Glazed windows make it possible to let in natural light without the problems of overheating and energy wastage.

4.Cosy bathrooms

Italians don’t ignore their bathroom interiors. Not in the slightest. They prefer to keep them comfortable and cosy.

Their bathroom walls feature intricate patterns to make the washroom as design-centric as the living rooms. When designing your own Italian-inspired toilet space, choose to decorate with patterned tiles.

5.Beautiful home gardens

Italians love gardens. Consider the Bosco Verticale, a famous Italian garden-structure that bears testament to this attachment. A high-rise in Milan, its name translates to ‘the vertical forest’.

So in the true Italian spirit, you should let your home’s décor show; both indoors and outdoors. Landscaping your garden properly will also improve the curb appeal and value of your property.

Incorporating modern Italian design trends is all about keeping a beautiful balance between the traditional and contemporary. Likewise, you need to celebrate your home’s old design elements, and add life with new ones.

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